What is StartupNextDoor?

StartupNextDoor is a site for small business that thinks big.

If you work at a startup that has VC or Angel funding in the millions of dollars, is featured on TechCrunch, has scaled for 500 million monthly page views and is hoping to be the next Facebook/EBay/Craigslist, your company will not be featured here. Enjoy your nice office space and good luck with that IPO.

StartupNextDoor only cares about the little guy: the software developer who goes home and works on a side project, the marketing analyst down the hall who knows she could run the company better if she was in charge, the salesperson who scribbles diagrams on a cocktail napkin about what a customer relations system should look like.

This site is for you. To help you be successful in your venture. Your venture WITHOUT capital.

That's right - creating a bootstrapped company, funded with as little money as possible, but still offering quality web-based services that can scale and get you where you want to go.

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