About Startup Next Door

Hey there, I'm John Washam, CEO of TalkToTheManager and ReadyPrompt, LLC, creator of zKorean, and a few failed projects I won’t talk about much, but will be sharing lessons learned.

After years of starting my own businesses on the web, I started this site to share what I’ve learned about running a web business without venture capital or large personal investments.

Nowadays I mostly blog about software engineering and computer science. My startup days are over.

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John Washam

2006 - hard at work and looking scruffy:

John Washam hard at work - looking scruffy circa 2006

2002 - working on an early startup:

John Washam working on an early startup

1985 - This is how I got my start. Tandy - Radio Shack - Color Computer 2 - 64KB

I started with my brother's TRS-80 Color Computer 2 (16KB memory) and later upgraded to 64KB. It had no hard drive and no floppy disk. I loaded and saved programs from special leaderless cassette tapes. It made a sound similar to a modem when loading/saving.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.

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