What are you, some kinda expert?

I guess so. I've started my own web-based business more than once. I've succeeded and I've failed, but the successes have made the failures worth it.

I'm John Washam. I'm a web programmer, startup junkie, and lifelong friend of the coffee bean.

My startups are different than most. I'm the VC, the chairman, the programmer, the marketing department, the copywriter, everything. No employees, no office space. But I make money because I work hard to create services that people like. With the right business model, some of those people pay me.

In 1997, I started making web sites as a hobby using website building apps like NetObjects Fusion, so didn't really learn webpage markup or website programming until January 2000. I studied it on my own for a year and a half and landed a nice programming job in Seattle, WA.

A few months later I was planning a startup on the side with a co-worker. We spent a year and a half building the entire application and launched it in 2003, completely self-funded. We closed it at the end of 2006. :)

The process of building that site from beginning to end: web design, user interface design, database setup, backups, email service, web server setup, sysadmin tasks, advertising, customer service, and application programming gave me a wealth of knowledge that I've applied to jobs and other startups ever since.

Even as that business was running, I continued to create and improve my own sites when I saw a need to be filled. I can't stop. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more startups.

As you read my posts, you'll learn more about my experiences and my sites. Enjoy.

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