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I'm pleased to join Earndit as an advisor. Having worked with the founders professionally before Earndit's inception, I can't imagine a better combination of co-founders. Harry Kautzman II and Andres Moran have the tenacity and drive that the best entrepreneurs exhibit, yet are good-natured, tempered in their decision-making, and complement each other with strong technical and business expertise.

I've always been impressed and inspired by what Earndit has accomplished: giving people an incentive, and sometimes a little extra boost, to be active and fit. The potential reach of users of the service is staggering, and we still have a long way to go and many opportunities to explore. The community of friendly, spirited people that Earndit has attracted makes it even more exciting.

Harry confided in me about Earndit before it was launched, and we've discussed how to handle challenges and key decisions as they've arisen. So I feel like I've been a part of the company all along. Earndit has demonstrated growth at increasing (and many times surprising) levels over a brief span of time, and I'm assured that Earndit will continue to enjoy greater success in the coming months and years. I'm pleased that I'll be alongside these superb fellows and will do my best to counsel in the areas of engineering, scaling, promotion, and funding.

The great adventure continues.

You may remember Earndit from a few posts here, including their post-launch audio interview. Way to grow, guys!

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