GooberBlitz Raises $20.45 from Aunt Edith

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OK, So GooberBlitz is not a real startup, and a $20.45 round of funding isn't likely to make TechCrunch. TechCrunch reports on startups and businesses in the Web 2.0 space that are dealing with large VC and angel funding. TechCrunch rarely reports on bootstrap startups unless they are doing something exceptional.

That's a problem! Where can the home-grown startups go to share the good news on what they are doing?

Let StartupNextDoor be the TechCrunch for the home-based/lean/bootstrapped startups!

In the next week or two, I'll start adding in some interviews with startup founders just like you (perhaps even you) along with the normal startup advice articles.

Do you have a bootstrapped startup that's doing something cool or interesting? Contact me and let me know what you're up to. You may be the first interview. Include in your email these items:

  • your name
  • startup name (or working title/codename)
  • website (if any, or expected launch date)
  • a brief description of your product/service

I'm good at keeping secrets. I'm not going to leak your info like some sites do. So if you're going stealth, don't worry.

I still won't report on $20.45, but at least there's a site that cares.

Update Apr. 20, 2010: Since this posting we've done two interviews with home-grown startups:

I'm still looking for great companies to interview. If you're building your own self-funded web company, contact me and let's talk.

Next post: using web programming frameworks

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