Flash Cards Site Complete

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was putting things on hold for a bit to put together a quick little website that would let me create, manage, and memorize flash cards, so I can keep all this computer science info in my brain.

The site it done! It's very simple and was built mobile-first.

Here are a few screens:

The card management interface

computer science flash cards - card management user interface

  • Top area:

    • add a general CS card
    • add a code card
  • Lower area:

    • card count
    • card filters
    • card content

Memorization interface

the memorization user interface of computer science flash cards

I can mark cards as known so they won't keep popping up. Cards are shown randomly from the set of unknown cards. I can toggle the card types I want to study by clicking the "general" or "code" button.

Code cards

Code cards are just like general cards, but formatted for code readability. The example below is the answer to reversing a linked list.

computer science flash card - memorization - reverse a linked list

The site is very simple. It was built on Flask using SQLite to keep track of the cards. Piece of cake.

Get the code here and make your own cards!

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