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Hey all,
If you've been waiting to see more content here, I appreciate your patience.

What have I been doing?

I've been busy getting up to speed at Amazon over the last year and a half, and using a lot of my free time to read up on Java (what I use at work) and system design. Also, we bought a house, so I was moving and getting settled in (still am). I also wanted to spend more time with my wife on nights and weekends, compared to when I was doing startups and studying full-time for the interview, we didn't see each other much. It's been great to rediscover each other again.

What's next?

I'll still be reading and learning to get better at by job at Amazon (tech moves, and I have to move with it, or work hard to catch up). I'm still catching up with some of the knowledge I feel I should have at my job level.

This is the next few years worth of stuff I plan to do, and it may change along the way, but this is the direction.

I'll be sharing some of my reading list, and giving some thoughts and reviews.

In addition, I'm going to go low level and back in time a bit and learn some things that are not used in my day-to-day work, but are nonetheless interesting and will contribute to my breadth of knowledge.

I'll be starting with low-level programming in assembly and modern C, and read up on some older languages such as Fortran, Ada, and Pascal (the back in time part).

I'll also dig in to compilers (using the old Dragon book) and try my hand at making a programming language (a rite of passage for all CS students), and also do some operating system programming.

Learning Lisp, as well as trying some other functional programming languages, is also on the list.

I'll also play around with recently-born high-performance systems languages like Go and Rust.

And I'll try my hand at game development in C++ (with Unreal engine), C#, (with Unity engine), and more C++ (with AWS Lumberyard, of course).

But it's not all just playing around with low-level stuff and other programming languages. I'll also pop in some things I'm learning along the way about system design and other higher abstractions of software.

Let's go!

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