Anonymous Domain Registration

I used to run my startups anonymously, and made them seem somewhat corporate in order to gain credibility. I didn't want anyone to know it was just a one-man show. So in order to cover my tracks I used anonymous domain registration.

I had registered with GoDaddy, and they offered the option to make the registration private for an extra fee, about $9 per domain. What they do is register your domains, but set the registration contact information as Domains By Proxy (DBP). They then connect your GoDaddy account with DBP and you'll have a separate login for that.

So when someone looks up the WHOIS information for your domain to see who owns it, they get Domains By Proxy's contact information. If the person wants to contact you, they send an e-mail to the contact e-mail address and DBP will forward it to you. I think they also scan for spam before forwarding.

If you manage dozens of domains, this can become expensive quickly. But that's the price you pay for privacy.

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