Working on a Quick Flash Card Site

I've been studying for quite a while now, and even though I coded up data structures like crazy, I feel the knowledge fading.

What I want is two special sets of flash cards:

- general CS knowledge
  - vocabulary
  - definitions of processes
  - powers of 2
  - design patterns
  - Big-O of operations & storage

- code
  - data structures
  - algorithms
  - solving problems
  - bitwise operations

I've looked around and nothing fits the bill. I even paid good money for one service, but it doesn't have a memorization mode that randomizes, and other services don't have a way to show preformatted, long answers, like I would need for code.

I want to use these in 2 ways. I can use the general knowledge cards wherever: on my phone, on the couch, etc. For the code portions, I want to test myself while I'm at the whiteboard, and view answers on the iPad.

I'd rather not spend the time gluing code printouts to cards, so I'm putting together a very quick site to make cards. Nothing fancy. I want to be able to make cards quickly, so I'll have a large set of cards that will test every corner of my knowledge.

I'm putting the site together in Flask, a sophisticated but low-overhead microframework.


This exercise will allow me to have more exposure to Flask, as well as additional practice with Python.

I"m not going to spend a lot of time on this. I've got trees to get back to.

Want to follow along? Here's the code:

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