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To all recruiters, welcome.

I'm available to hire immediately in the greater Seattle area. Eastside is preferred since I live in downtown Bellevue, but I'll commute if I must.

No telecommuting, please. I want to work in an office. I learn more from my team that way.


Environment: Looking for an environment where a smart, hard-working, and knowledgeable software craftsman (in training) can thrive, grow, and learn. I will make mistakes, but will always work hard to keep from being a burden on my team. I won't bring my ego to work. I'll accept when I'm wrong and take the blame when I goof up.

Team: I want to work with a professional team and write great software, including testing, debugging and profiling. I'm looking to construct quality software.

Work/Life Balance: I've lived the startup life for the last 7 years, and I'm tired. I can't work 84 hours a week anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'll put in time after work hours to improve my skills and get up to speed with the team, and work extra for the occasions when there are time-sensitive project deadlines. But it's not sustainable all the time. No more startups, either. If I join, or start, another startup, my wife will cry.

Technical: Bring me hard problems. I can learn anything. If you need me to become an expert on OS internals, geometry algorithms, compiler construction, neural networks, or even assembly language, then I will.

Language Preferences:

  • Compiled languages, preferably C or C++. The trickier the better. Java and Go are great, too. I want to work on high-performance code.
  • For interpreted languages, Python please. I've done many years of Javascript and PHP for the web, and just want some change in my life.


  • machine learning
  • low-level engineering
  • distributed systems

A little about me

  • I've studied full-time for the last 8 months to level up to become a software engineer.
  • I'm still studying and doing coding problems on the whiteboard and coding challenge websites every day.
  • I started 3 tech startups in the last 15 years.
  • I can read, write, and speak Korean.
  • I currently run 2 tech startups that take very little of my time (yay automation).
  • I've worked as a web developer since 2001.
  • One of my startups competed with Google, and we won in the end.
  • My computer science study plan is the #25 most-starred project on Github.
  • I want to become a great engineer.
  • I drive a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon but I do only light off-roading because I don't want to damage it.
  • I like fountain pens.
  • I'm really nice.
  • I dress pretty well.
  • I can only drink one beer or cocktail - any more than that and I get sleepy.

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