Reading the Google C++ Style Guide

I finished reading C++ Primer Plus. Man, that was a big book. But I feel infused with knowledge!

I started watching some C++ videos, and how Google uses C++, and ran across this video:

The speaker, Titus Winters, is on the team that determines appropriate the coding style that all 4,000 C++ programmers (in 2014) at Google use. When I say "style" think language usage, not so much about formatting.

So now I'm reading the Google C++ Style Guide. It should only take a few hours, but it will give me insight into real-world usage of C++ at a large company with a huge codebase (100 million lines of code).

I wonder how many Google employees have read it in its entirety.

Notes on the Google C++ Style Guide

Update (June 4, 2016): Completed reading the style guide. A lot of good stuff. I'm altering my coding style to start using this method. CLion, the C/C++ IDE I'm using, has a style setting for Google. I'm also using this to format files:

clang-format -i -style=google  
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