Finishing the Learning Phase

Back on August 8, I talked about how I was going to change up my study schedule for the interview.

I discovered that it was difficult to interleave learning new things and practicing, and I wanted to get past the learning phase done so I can just practice all day long.

The Remainder of the Learning Phase

These are the items that I have left to learn (some is review of things I've already learned but need a refresher, like machine learning and more obscure unix commands):

the remaining subjects to study

What's in the Practice Phase?

The learning phase involves going through 5 books of programming questions. I'll go through each page, do each question, and write code on my whiteboard. Then I'll test the code to make sure I didn't goof. This will also give me tons of practice with Python, the language I have chosen for the interview.

The programming questions are listed in the coding interview study plan in the Books section:

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